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This has been lying in the fridge for a few weeks, waiting for me to get around to drinking it.  The Craigies Ballyhook Flyer smells like actual apples, appley apples rather than fermented apples.  It's dark and cloudy and smells even more appley when it's in the glass.  It's a very dry cider, not as sweet as it smells, but it's very drinkable (now it's aaaaaaall gone).

If you like dry cider, you'll love it. If you like sweet cider, you won't. If like me, you prefer medium dry, you'll just have to try it, and have it at the right time when you're in the mood for it. I'd love to cook with it, I'd say it'd be lovely for casseroling sausages in. Sadly I'll have to go seek out a bottle in town and I can be lazy at times.

Bought from: Celtic Whiskey Shop

How much: Somewhere between €4 and €5 (Irish cider isn't particularly cheap but seems to stay under a fiver in off licences)

Ate with: The memory of Chinese takeaway, eaten earlier in the evening

ABV: 5.8%

Buy again? Maybe if I come across it. I imagine it'd be amazing for cooking pork or ham in...

craigies ballyhook flyer
It's gone now, but it was delicious and not-see-through