This evening, after a long day, I opened a bottle of Mac's Armagh Cider. Only the lyte though, as at 3%, it shouldn't do too much damage to tomorrow morning.

It's a good medium cider, and remarkably dry for a low(ish) alcohol cider (it's not dry, but far from the sweetness of pure apple juice). It's very tasty and appley, a solid cider.

The label is a bit plain, and has a link to a broken website ( and an email address I've emailed about said broken site.  It tells you which harvest your cider came from (mine was harvest 20), and surprisingly, the calories (it say 225 but i don't know if that's /mL or /bottle).

Bought from: Irish Celtic Whiskey Shop

How much: Don't remember, it was a few months ago

Ate with: Tesco Cheese Curls (don't judge me)

Buy again? Definitely, just need to haul my ass into the city centre to do so.

Lovely cider
A lovely pint of cider, with an offputtng blue backlight